24 Track Digital Recording Studio
(Also available for rent as a Band Practice / Rehearsal Room)

Studio 911 Services

Studio 911 is a fully versatile recording studio that strives to bring you a professional product,,,, 
on a musicians limited budget!! Its that simple!

Studio 911 is a fully equipped 24 Track Digital Home Recording Studio. 
We are keep it at the "home level" in order to pass those unspent overhead savings 
onto you and your band.
Studio 911 will be either record you digitally into our HD24 Digital Recorder, 
or if your still "old school" and prefer to stay with recording to tape, we can record 
you onto our 24 tracks of  ADAT tape machines if that's your request.  
We can also take your old ADAT masters 
and transfer them into digital format and finish your project and/or 
re-do your older project digitally.

Studio 911 is set up in which many needs can be met. 

We accommodate all sizes of bands and talent, and adhere 100% to their specific project needs.
Your final product will certainly be nothing less then a professionally recorded, 
and professionally mixed product, but best of all, it will be affordable!!

Studio 911 will handle recording of projects of all sizes from demo's, to commercial 
radio advertising, to fully produced CD's.

We have CD multi duplication services and shrink wrapping services available as well.

Studio 911 is also set up for not only recording, but bands or artists to be able to 
rent our state of the art rehearsal room for your big upcoming project you may have scheduled. 
This will also include a sound engineer to engineer your sound during these rehearsals.

Studio 911 also has a mid to large size Professional PA system also available,  so we 
are available for hire to go out on the road with sound support for your bands gigs as requested. 

We also have a fully equipped DMX computerized light show available 
which also comes with a light tech to operate the show.

Please contact Studio 911 off our contact page for more details or specific information to meet your needs. 

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Webmaster @ Webmaster@Studio911