Professional Multi Track Digital Recording Studio

About Our Studio

Professional Multi Track Digital Recording Studio

Studio 911,,,, 

was built and designed around the musician 
with a limited budget. After all, how many musicians ever 
have any "extra" money to spend anyway??

We decided and agreed that we should not let limited funds 
hold back talent from being able to be heard, and shared with the world.

With today's digital technology, having to operate 
a multi-million dollar studio in order to get professional results 
is now a thing of the past.  
With the availability of the digital format, utilizing computer based 
equipment & software, makes it obtainable to record a high quality product
at a very reasonable price.

Yes you still do need quality equipment where it counts, and quality engineers as well, 
and there will always be those certain needs to be met in operating a great studio 
with professional results, but the reality of it is, it's more realistic 
and affordable today then ever before,,,,, 

We intentionally designed Studio 911 with this in mind!!! 

Studio 911 is a  digital recording environment, utilizing today's top technology, 
with our Presonus Studio Live 24.4.2 Console / Control Surface 
and/or the use of several other World Class Microphones and Mic Preamps that we have available.

Beyond what the facility itself has to offer in the best equipment, Studio 911 has on deck 
some of the top engineers in the Central Pennsylvania area, with combined, 
over 50 years experience, to direct, produce and record your next project. 

Any session from a basic band demo, voice-overs, podcasts, a 30 second radio commercial, 
to a fully produced and recorded full length CD album, Studio 911 will deliver on the professional quality 
and pay the utmost attention to detail that goes into your project, no matter its size.

Studio 911 specializes in affordable packages such as our  "Weekend On-the-Fly" band demos as well, 
which allows bands on a budget to come in, "record on the fly", and be able to 
leave with a great product to distribute as a "demo" to their market...... 

All at a very affordable price!!!

Studio 911,,, "The affordable way to make your product heard!" 

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